About Us

One of ACT-I’s greatest strengths is our ability to accurately assess our client’s needs and tailor our solutions to meet those needs. We listen to our clients and our employees to determine what will be most relevant and successful for a given situation. Because we are an independent firm, we have the ability to make changes easily, to respond immediately and to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, without hassle.

Hiring Services

  • Direct Hire/Permanent Placement

  • Contract to Hire

  • Temporary/Flexible Staffing

Skills Assessment/Training

ACT-I has invested significant time and money in choosing the right skill assessment programs as these are some of the most important tools in our arsenal. We have a wide range of tests and assessments already in place, and have developed unique assessments for specific client requirements both independently and in partnership with our clients.

Expert Placement Services

We offer full time, part time, temporary, project, contract, contract to hire and direct hire quality placements. We assist our clients with their personnel needs in the areas of our expertise by conducting exhaustive searches to locate those individuals who are qualified for the position, identify candidates who are excited about the possibility of working with the client and find those individuals who fit the client’s
office/work environment.

Each and Every Employee

Our staff is fully commited to working with the employees and employers to assure the right person in the right position. Act-I Staffing is a full service staffing firm offering technical and professional recruiting, administrative placement, and industrial staffing.


ACT-I Staffing will unconditionally guarantee the quality of our Temporary Associates. Should our Associate not meet the standards of your company, advise us and the necessary adjustments will be made. We are dedicated to maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. It is our goal to efficiently meet your human resource requirements in a professional manner and enjoy a productive long-term business relationship with you and your company.

Meet the Team

William Robinson

Chairman of the Board / Co-owner

Bill moved back to Ohio to run the family business in 1959 and is still active as the Chairman of the Board. In 1979, Bill opened and operated 2 successful corporations which included 6 offices in Columbus, OH until 2014. His son Kyle co-owns and operates an office in Atlanta, GA which was established in 1999.

Angie Robinson


Angie has given over 30 years of service and over-sees all of the financial operations. Angie started working in 1980 and is currently President and Controller of the company.

Michelle Randall

Assistant to the President

Michelle has given 4 years of service and handles accounting and various other administrative duties.

Dawn Bohn

Senior Coordinator/Office Manager

Dawn has given over 20 years of service and handles staffing and coordinating of temporary associates as well as inside staff management. She is also the main client contact and over-sees all daily office operations including Worker’s Compensation and unemployment issues

Jenna Bohn

Administrative Assistant/Coordinator

Jenna has given 3 years of service and is responsible for incoming calls, testing employees, drug screening and child support.


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